Introduction To The Australian Lure Fishing Podcast

by Greg "Doc Lures" Vinall | Australian Lure Fishing

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Welcome To The Australian Lure Fishing Podcast!

Hi Guys, Greg “Doc Lures” Vinall here with a warm and heartfelt welcome to the my Australian Lure Fishing Podcast (ALF).

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the ALF podcast series and my vision for what it will bring to the Australian lure fishing community.

What is ALF? Well, the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast is an audio production hosted by myself. I’ll be interviewing some of Australia’s best lure fishermen and asking them probing questions about tackle, lures and techniques for catching some of Australia’s iconic sports fish across a wide range of locations. It’s one species and one location per episode so we can really home in on what you need to know.

Who are the ALF guests? I’m hand picking the cream of Australia’s lure fishermen in my hunt for the best quality fishing information. Journalists, TV presenters, Top Fishing Guides and social media personalities in the lure fishing space are all right here! If you’d like to nominate yourself for a guest appearance on the Australian lure Fishing Podcast that’s possible too…….  find out how here.

What locations and species does ALF cover? Ultimately, I aim to build up a huge number of episodes covering all of the prime fishing destinations in Australia in freshwater, marine and estuarine environments. And I’ll be focusing all of the popular lure fishing species.

How can I use the ALF podcast to get my fishing info? You’re on the website, so that’s a great start! Now just go to the podcasts page to see all the episodes that have aired, or check out the locations map if you have specific destinations or regions you’re keen to fish. Also, the show notes pages for each episode contain downloadable resources, product links, mp3 download options and timestamps to allow you to quickly pull out the nuggets of info you’re looking for.

When does ALF air? At present, ALF airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to ensure you have the tips you’re after for a weekend of tight lines.

How Can I Subscribe? So many ways! I’ve tried to make it really easy for you……. You can get ALF on your favourite podcast platform, such as iTunes, Google podcasts, Stitcher Radio and Spotify. You can also listen to the podcasts directly from the website and can opt to receive on-screen or email notifications of new episodes if you like. For full info, check out my subscriptions page.