Weipa Fingermark Bream

by Nathan Reardon | Australian Lure Fishing

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Nathan Reardon

Nathan Reardon

Angler & Fishing Travel Specialist

Since retiring from professional cricket, Nathan Reardon has actively pursued his other great love – travelling the world in search of amazing fishing adventure opportunities. His business “Outside Edge Adventures” specialises in helping anglers experience amazing fishing in idyllic locations around the world.

Nathan’s Top Tips For Weipa Fingermark Bream

  • There’s no need to travel far from the boat ramp in search of top fingermark bream fishing. The lead markers in the Weipa shipping channel are productive, as are the shallow close-in shoal grounds.
  • Fingermark tend to shoal very close to the bottom and not on major structure (channel markers excepted). Fish sounding mid-water tend to be trevally or other species, look for schools tight to the bottom.
  • Be prepared to switch lures until you find what’s working on the day. Nathan usually starts with a soft plastic, but switches to a jig if the plastic isn’t doing the job.
  • The mid-sized tides are most productive. Fishing is quiet on the neaps when there is little water movement and getting lures to the bottom can be difficult on the big tides.

Nathan’s Preferred Fingermark Bream Tackle

  • Nathan uses 4000 sized Shimano Stradic and Stella spin reels with matching rods such as a Zodias 4-8kg, 20lb braided line and a 20-30lb leader. This is a good all-round outfit for this style of fishing and will handle much of the by-catch, which includes mackerel and various trevallies.

Nathan’s Best Lures For Fingermark Bream Fishing

  • 150mm Squidgy Whip Baits are Nathan’s first choice for fingermark fishing. Colour is not too important but he usually starts with a fairly clear lure and switches colours if that doesn’t get results. Nathan casts these ahead of a drifting boat and works them back a little faster than the drift. Start light with a 1/8 jig head and increase the head size until you’re getting the lure to the bottom. Work the lure slowly with plenty of jerks and expect fish will often take the lure on the drop.
  • 100g Colt Sniper Jigs are a good choice if the Whip Baits don’t do the job. Be aware that these flutter on the drop, which attracts other species such as mackerel that might snip lures off. These are worked a little faster than the Whip Baits, with plenty of rod action to stir the fish into biting.
  • 120mm Squidgy Wrigglers work well weighted just enough to stay in touch with the bottom and fished behind a drifting boat. Don’t try an impart too much action with these, just let the tail of the lure do its work. Nathan keeps the bail arm open and uses his finger to allow line to peel off just fast enough to keep the lure contacting the bottom but not so much that there is slack line present. When a fish takes the lure he snaps the bail arm close and works hard to turn the fish in the first few seconds of the fight
  • Berkley Gulp Squid Vicious are a great option for fingermark and are fished in the same way as the Squidgy Wrigglers.

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