Warren River Redfin

by Frank Prokop | Australian Lure Fishing

Warren River

Frank Prokop

Frank Prokop

Fisheries Scientist, Journalist and Freshwater Lure Fanatic

Frank is a giant in Australian fishing circles, having been instrumental in fisheries management in both NSW and Qld. Frank has authored and co-authored 15 fishing books (including “The Lure Encyclopedia” and “Lures In Depth” , has written over 40 magazine articles and penned hundreds of fishing columns for newspapers. Frank is a regular on radio fishing shows and has presented multiple television fishing segments.

Frank’s Tips For Catching Warren River Redfin

  • Work your lures very, very slowly, and keep the retrieve slow all of the way back to the rod tip. Redfin can follow the lure closely and often take it at the very last second – unless if rush the retrieve!
  • Learn the age-old art of fishing with small jigs, they’re deadly on redfin and other species. Expect the occassional trout as a welcome by-catch.
  • “Tea Bagging” (standing on a log, dropping the jig alongside and bouncing it up and down) is deadly.
  • When you hook a fish have your mates keep fishing close to your fish. Redfin are schooling fish and you’ll often take several more fish if you cast lures near a hooked fish.
  • Redfin are an exotic species and it’s illegal to return them to the water. Besides, they’re wonderful eating and are one species that you absolutely should kill and take home.

Tackle For Warren River Redfin Perch

  • A short (5’6″ to 6″) medium to fast action rod in the 2-3kg line class. Frank prefers Loomis rods.
  • A quality Daiwa or Shimano spin reel loaded with 2-3kg braided line is perfect.
  • A 2-3kg fluorocarbon leader.

Top Lures For Warren River Redfin Perch.

  • 1/16 to 1/8 Roadrunner or Ponyhead jig heads with 2-3″ Atomic curly tail grubs in bright colours such as fluoro red or orange.
  • Zip Baits 46 in Au or Lucky Craft Bevvie Minnow 45mm.
  • Storm Hot’n’Tot (metal bib) – can be used as an attractor lure for schooling fish.

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