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Vinnie Versfeld

Fishing Guide

Vinnie Versfeld has fished all over the world but has been a keen fisherman, guide and social media personality in the Townsville area for 14 years. Vinnie currently operates his guiding business “Aquaventure Fishing” out of Townsville, with slatwater and impoundment barramundi being among the primary targets he guides his clients to. 

About This Masterclass:

These days, many barramundi guides refuse to let their clients fire out a cast until they’ve located barra on the sounder first. And not just any barra – active ones that are far more likely to take a bait or lure. It’s fair to say that a quality sounder is nearly as important to the barra enthusiast as a decent rod and reel.

What We’ll Be Covering:

This is a Live Masterclass so mostly Vinnie will be focused on the questions submitted by attendees and those posted in the live chat during the presentation. But of course he’ll also be able to answer more general non-sonar related barra fishing questions too. So why not submit your question in the comment section below, or click on the image above to get a reminder when the masterclass goes live?