Andy McGovern

Andy McGovern

Fishing Journalist

Andy needs no introduction to Australia’s keen freshwater fishermen, being an extraordinarily prolific fishing journalist. A regular writer for Freshwater Fishing magazine (among many others), Andy has penned around 300 informative magazine articles to help others on their journey to improve their fishing. He’s also responsible for fishing atlases covering the ACT and southern NSW regions and is a regular on stage at tackle shows and club nights.

Andy’s Top Tips For Snowy Lakes Trout

  • Autumn is a good time to target pre-spawn trout as they condition up ready to move up into the rivers, but trout fishing is good year-round in the Snowy storages.
  • Fish tend to feed best during the low light periods, particularly dawn. During the day theystill take lures, but it’s more of an aggressive response, rather than feeding response. Subtle lures work well on the feeding fish during low light, with stronger actioned lures better during the rest of the day.
  • Wind is your friend when fishing for impoundment trout. Wind creates currents, oxygenates and cools the water, stirs up insects and other aquatic life, all of which stimulate trout to bite more freely.
  • Fishing wind blown shorelines is often uncomfortable for the angler and under extreme conditions casting can be severely reduced. However, it’s by far the most productive way to find trout, even when the water is a little discoloured by the wave action. Trout tend to feel less threatened when feeding under cover of a rippled surface and slightly turbid water.
  • Trout are not as smart as anglers sometimes like to think. They are largely instinctive, so if you focus on the environmental conditions that encourage trout to bite you’ll usually do well.
  • Overcast, drizzly days can be uncomfortable for anglers, but they suit the trout, so put on some warm clothes and break out the thermos.
  • Be prepared to try different things. If you’re not catching fish using one technique or lure, try changing it. Shift locations if you’re not having any luck until you find where the fish are at.
  • Autumn trout in Lakes Eucumbene and Jindabyne are preparing for a spawning run, so they’re often found somewhere near the original creek bed. Use your sounder to find the structure and the fish, but don’t underestimate the value of your eyes in finding fish either.
  • These lakes can get nasty for small boats during strong wind, so if it gets over 25 knots, leave the boat on the trailer and walk the shoreline. You’ll catch just as many fish but will stay safe.

Andy’s Trout Fishing Tackle

  • Trout are a great sport fish, but you don’t need the latest, gold plated, top of the line tackle to catch them. Entry level gear is fine and won’t limit your opportunities.
  • Jarvis Walker is a sponsor of Andy’s and supplies some economical combos that are great for trout fishing. Andy uses a 2-4 kg line class, 7 ft Quantum Smoke spinning rod and a 2000 – 2500 size Quantum Smoke Inshore Series III reel. He spools the reel with 6-8lb Rovex Viros or Siglon braid.
  • A decent length of leader is a good idea, but make sure it’s not so long that the knot is on your spool, which can cause or premature knot failure. Andy uses 4-8lb flurocarbon leader and connects it to the braid with an improved albright knot.

Andy’s Best Trout Lures For Eucumbene and Jindabyne

  • First thing in the morning when the fish are feeding around the edges is a great time to fish a minnow shaped soft plastic. Andy likes the 3″ Fish Arrow Flash J Shad and usually fishes it on a 1/2 to 3 gram jig head. He rarely needs to go to the 3 gram sizes.
  • The Rapala Spotted Dog Hard Body in 5cm and 7cm sizes is a great choice for this style of fishing. Andy likes the sinking (CD) version for fishing around timber and the floating versions for over mud flats where he wants to impart more action.
  • The Australian Taylor Made Nippy Nymph is Andy’s other top pick, in natural colours that imitate yabbies, such as red, green and brown. These will bump the bottom in 1.5m of water, throwing up puffs of mud and looking very much like a yabby. They’re great post-spawn when fish are re-conditioning and are actively feeding on crustaceans.

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Andy’s Sponsor

Jarvis Walker Australia  have supported Andy for many years and supply a wide range of tackle for all fishing situations. Their brands include the Quantum Smoke rods and reels Andy mentioned, Fin-Nor tackle, Rovex lines, Tsunami lures and plenty more.