Robbie Alexander

Robbie Alexander

Local Fishing Personality, Photographer & Videographer

Robbie is one of those “large as life” personalities, well known in central Victoria for his fishing exploits and his passion for photographing and videoing his outdoors adventures. Robbie is a former fishing guide and knows Murray Cod extremely well.

Robbie’s Tips For Ovens River Murray Cod Fishing

  • Stick to fishing the warmer months when the fish are active. Large cod my be on offer in other parts of the country, but the unregulated rivers around Wangaratta are snow fed during winter and spring, which shuts the fish down.
  • Assume every snag you cast to holds fish because most of them do. Robbie prefers to move to a new snag if no fish is hooked after a handful of casts, focusing on active, feeding fish.
  • Lures need to be fished very close to the logs, don’t bother fishing your lures through open water.

Robbie’s Tackle For Murray Cod Fishing

  • 6kg Venom baitcast rod with Shimano Curado baitcast reel and 24kg braided line and 24kg mono/fluorocarbon leader.

Robbies’s Top Lures For Ovens River Cod

  • 85-110mm Diving lures such as Ol’ Mate, No.1 Stumpjumper or Wilson Slickback.
  • Bassman DT Spinnerbait, 4×4 Spinnerbait.
  • Depps buzzjet, Codjer, Koolabung

Time Of Year For Murray Cod Fishing

  • November to May is prime time for Murray cod fishing in the Ovens River.

Robbie’s Project

  • Check out Robbies YouTube channel for video tips on how he fishes all of the above lures, plus stories and tips for other species in Central Victoria.

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