Karumba Barramundi

by Gavin "Groover" New | Australian Lure Fishing

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Gavin "Groover" New

Gavin "Groover" New

Barramundi Fishing Guide

Groover has had over 25 years of experience as a fishing guide and is one of the country’s most sought after barramundi guides. His business “Carpentaria Barra And Sportfishing Charters” is based in Karumba, one of Australia’s most famous barra fishing regions and Groover has the fish at this location wired!

Groover’s Top Barramundi Fishing Tips

  • Finding the fish is key to successful barramundi fishing. Barra move about the system and with experience you can know where they’ll be based on conditions. Barramundi don’t like too much flow, so look in the shallows or the flats when the tide if running hard, deeper water on the slower tidal flows.
  • Preparation prior to leaving home can make a big difference. Practice casting until you can land a lure accurately and learn to tie good knots. For line to leader knots Groover uses a bimini twist with a slim beauty (spinning gear) or an FG knot (baitcaster). He uses a 10mm long loop knot for attaching the lure to the leader.
  • Fish can be caught on any tide around Karumba, you just have to know where to find them. Ask locals for some tips on where they might be holding.
  • Groover finds that plastic lures with rattles work fine when the fish are feeding aggressively, but the bite can die off after a fish or two. Switching to a wooden lure that makes a more subtle sound can result in fish coming on the bite again. When fish get really shy it’s time to switch to a soft plastic vibe, which is the quietest of the three lure options.

Groovers Barra Fishing Outfits

  • Most of Groovers serious clients bring 4 rod and reel combos onto his boat, to cover all situations.
  • A heavy baitcast outfit is perfect for trolling lures.
  • Bringing two medium baitcasters allows an angler to place one rod in a rod holder if the lure gets snagged while casting and continue fishing with the other rod. The snagged lure can’t then be retrieved after the snag is fully fished, minimising the chances of spooking fish.
  • A lighter spinning rod/reel combo is best for fishing soft plastics and soft vibes as it’s easier to cast and lets the plastics get down deeper.
  • Groover rarely fishes more than 10kg Fins Braid and uses either 55lb Schneider Line or when fishing tougher snags, fluorocarbon leader.

Groovers Best Barramundi Lures

  • Killalure Barra Baits are a good all-round lure choice and are pretty noisy if the fish need to be stirred into action. 8, 10, 12 and 20ft diving depths cover all casting and trolling situations.
  • Classic 120 10ft hard body lures are a good producer and cast more easily than the Killalure if there is a bit of wind. The sound is more subtle than the Killalure.
  • For shallow water of a metre or less, a gold bomber is a good choice for both trolling and casting.
  • Soft plastic options are good in deeper water provided the current isn’t running too strong. Sumaki Vibelicious in 20g (100mm) and sometimes 30g (125mm) are a good choice, as is the Samaki Boom Bait. Both are made with very durable, long lasting plastic.

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Groover’s Sponsors

Dave Killalea at Old Dog Lures has been a support of Groover and his business for many years.

JM Gilles are distributors of the Killalure and Classic barra lure ranges.

Samaki Lures are also supporters of Groover’s business