Emma George

Emma George

Freelance Journalist, Fishing Educator, Former Athlete

Emma started fishing as a young child chasing trout and redfin on Lake Hume with her grandfather. A polevault champion, Emma spent her first competition winnings on a tinnie, despite being a struggling uni student at the time. A chance encounter with Al McGlashan put Emma and husband Ashley on the path to fishing success. They’ve since traveled around Australia with their kids, fishing their way from destination to destination. Emma freelances as a journalist and sponsored angler and regularly fishes the WA coast for the many species available.

Emma’s Top Tips For Giant Trevally

  • Don’t get stuck in the same old routine, be adventurous with lure selections and techniques. Be prepared to vary the retrieve and to stop the retrieve completely for a second or two from time to time – strikes often come when the lure is stationary.
  • Don’t stay in one spot if it’s not fishing well. Put in enough casts and try enough things until you are confident the fish aren’t on the chew, then move to the next bommie or reef.
  • In the Kalumburu Area, look for places around the islands where there are holes in the reef with a bit of wash. The adage of “No run, no fun” hold true, so pick places where there is plenty of tidal movement and keep an eye out for bait.
  • The fishing is good year-round, but the temperatures and humidity make it very hard on anglers, so Emma wouldn’t recommend planning a trip there during the hottest months.
  • Periods during the lead-up to new and full moons when there are big tidal flows give best results. If you’re fishing smaller tides, avoid the periods of lack water as the fishing will be very slow.
  • Make sure you’re well stocked for tackle as supplies in Kalumburu will be limited. You’ll need to bring your own gear if you plan to target GT’s as charter operators are geared for bottom bashing.
  • Think about the path the fish will take after it takes your lure. GT’s are powerful fish, so cast away from structure and avoid dropping an anchor or the odds are that the fish will brick you in the reef.
  • Keeping a GT in the water can attract its school-mates, allowing others on the boat to put in a cast or two and get an extra shot at catching a fish.

Emma’s Tackle Recommendations For Kalumburu GT’s

  • The gear you choose depends on the nature of the spot you are fishing, switch between outfits as necessary.
  • Emma usually starts with her heavy gear when she’s fresh and energised and switches down as the day progresses. A 7ft rod spinning rod couples with a Quantum Cabo 100 PTSE reel and 80lb depth finder braid is a good option when casting larger lures and fishing tough water.
  • In less snaggy areas and later in the day Emma will drop down to a Cabo 60 size reel, or even a Quantum Smoke 40 or 50 reel with 30lb braid and cast smaller, lighter lures.

Emma’s Best Giant Trevally Lures

  • A Halco Roosta Popper in the 160mm size is a great for giant trevally fishing and can be “blooped” across the surface for spectacular, splashy strikes in areas where there is struture and run. They’re easy to use and are also great for kids, but large ones can be very tiring to use. Trying varying the speed and intensity of the bloops until you find what’s working on the day.
  • A Halco C-Gar is a slow sinking stickbait that’s like a cross between a stickbait and popper and is deadly on giant trevally. It’s best allowed to sink a little, especially if there is bait around. Can be slow retrieved, walk-the-dogged or blooped as required.
  • The Halco Max is effective due to the loud and low pitched sound it makes. It’s a sinking lipless crankbait and works well when the fish are down deeper, or if you’re shore fishing from a height.
  • A paddletail style soft plastic lure fished slow and deep will catch plenty of GT’s. They’re best fished on the lighter rods and reels, use the minimum weight required for casting and to get the lure to the required depth. Slow is usually better, don’t crank them in too fast.

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Emma’s Sponsors

Jarvis Walker Australia  have been loyal supporters of Emma’s fishing for over 13 years. Emma finds their range of gear perfect for family fishing, suitable for tackling tough customers like GT’s without breaking the bank. Their brands include the Cabo and Quantum Smoke reels that Emma uses for GT’s, plus Fin-Nor gear, Rovex lines, Tsunami lures and plenty more.

Engel Australia have some of the best portable fridge/freezer units available anywhere, and allow Emma and her family to eat well no matter how remote their destination may be, even on extended trips.

Halco Tackle are an Australian lure success story and are the company behind many of Emma’s favourite lures for targeting GT’s, including the Roosta Popper, C-gar and Max

Emma’s Passion Project

Love The Outdoors is where Emma shares her passion for helping families enjoy outdoors living. It’s the perfect place for newbies to fishing, camping and other outdoors adventure’s to pick up some tips from someone who’s spent a lifetime in the outdoors – and has raised a family of outdoors enthusiasts. Packed with resources and tips to help get families into the great outdoors.