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Nabeel Issa

Tournament Angler And Fishing Identity

Nabeel Issa has lived in Brisbane for all but the first 3 months of his life, so he knows how to fish Moreton Bay and the Gold Coast extremely well. Nabeel joined the bream tournament circuit at the age of 14 and decided to to take a break after 12 years and plenty of success. Right now he’s enjoying fishing for multiple SEQ species and does pretty well on the long tail tuna, snapper, threadies, jew and other species that abound in SEQ.

About This Masterclass:

Despite being right on the doorstep of one of Australia’s largest populations, Moreton Bay remains highly productive for many sport fishing species. Incredibly, it’s not uncommon to find schools of 100-200 metre plus jewfish within the bay, and once located they are usually only too willing to take a well presented lure.

For Nabeel, clever use of marine electronics is critical to his success on Moreton Bay jewfish. In fact, he’ll spend hours or even a whole day motoring around the bay without ever wetting a line if he can’t locate fish with his sounder. Of course, having the right sounder, knowing how to use it and being able to interpret and rely on what the screen is showing is the key to success – and that’s the whole point of this masterclass.

What We’ll Be Covering:

This is a Live Masterclass so mostly Nabeel will be focused on the questions submitted by attendees and those posted in the live chat during the presentation. But of course he’ll also be able to answer more general non-sonar related jewfish fishing questions too. So why not submit your question in the comment section below, or click on the image above to get a reminder when the masterclass goes live?