Discover the Best Fishing Spots in Sydney: An Angler’s Guide

Sydney is famed for its iconic landmarks, but also boasts some of the best fishing spots in Australia. In fact, on a world stage, there must be very few cities of comparable size that can boast the opportunities and quality of fish that Sydney does.

With everything from tranquil estuarine waters, to rocky headlands, beaches, deep harbours and offshore pinnacles, Sydney has it all. This comprehensive guide is tailored to help you uncover the best fishing spots in Sydney, ensuring your next fishing adventure is both memorable and fruitful.


Quick Guide To Fishing Spots In Sydney

Botany Bay Fishing
Sydney Harbour Fishing
Hawkesbury Fishing
Pittwater Fishing
Sydney Deep Sea Fishing
Rock and Coastal Fishing

Botany Bay: A Top Fishing Spot in Sydney

Botany Bay Fishing spots

It’s no secret that the Botany Bay, Port hacking and Georges River areas are among the best fishing spots in Sydney – especially for central coast estuary fishing enthusiasts. Offering a variety of fishing environments, including the Towra Point Aquatic Reserve and the artificial reefs, Botany Bay is ideal for those seeking shore-based or kayak/boat-based fishing experiences. The quality of fish is extraordinary, especially given the large human population that lines the shores.

Prime Times to Fish: For the best results, aim for dawn and dusk year-round, with summer months being particularly rewarding for pelagic species. Tides and winds are important and it’s worth checking out our detailed guide to Botany Bay fishing spots for more information.

Key Species for Lure Fishing: Bream, Dusky Flathead, Tailor, Mulloway, Squid, Kingfish.


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Sydney Harbour: Iconic Views, Iconic Catches

Sydney Harbour Fishing Spots

Sydney Harbour, with its picturesque backdrop, ranks among the best fishing spots in Sydney. It’s a haven for anglers targeting bread and butter species like bream and Australian salmon. But it’s also a great place to tangle with a range of speedsters as well as trophy captures like mulloway.

There are plenty of land-based options for those who don’t have access to a boat or kayak, with wharves, piers, rocks, beaches, bridges and parklands readily accessible. For the boating angler the options are near endless and a good time on the water is virtually assured. Check out our Sydney Harbour guide for a detailed list of fishing spots.

Optimal Fishing Times: The spring to autumn months are bustling with activity, making it a prime time for targeting a wide array of species.

Key Species for Lure Fishing: Bream, Australian Salmon, Mulloway, Squid, Kingfish, Flathead, Whiting.


Hawkesbury River: Serenity and Abundance

Hawkesbury River Lure Fishing Spots

Celebrated as one of the best fishing spots in Sydney, the Hawkesbury River offers a serene escape with abundant fishing opportunities. It’s a dream destination for lure fishing, promising both adventure and a rich haul.

For the boating and kayaking angler, the Hawkesbury River system is vast and contains endless fish holding structure that can be explored for a lifetime. It’s a little more limited for the shore-based lure flicker, but studying Google maps or Google Earth will quickly reveal some easy access points where the odds are good of tangling with a few fish. If you love your bass, don’t forget to check out the Nepean River system, it’s a key Hawkesbury tributary.

Best Times for Lure Fishing: Cooler months are perfect for jewfish, while summer offers excellent conditions for Australian Bass and Estuary Perch.

Key Species for Lure Fishing: Bream, Australian Bass, Estuary Perch, Mulloway.


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Pittwater and Palm Beach: Northern Sydney’s Premier Spots

Fishing in Pittwater: Barranjoey Headland and Palm BeachPittwater and Palm Beach are among the top fishing spots north of Sydney, known for clear waters and scenic vistas. A massive number of trophy species turn up in these waters, but kingfish, mulloway, flathead and bream are the primary targets. Pittwater offers a mix of sheltered bays, rocky headlands, piers and beaches to cater for anglers of all skill levels. Shore based anglers can access the area at numerous points, so there’s no difficulty finding a place to cast a line.

When to Fish: Pittwater is a year-round fishery, but definitely has better seasons for individual species. You can get more info on the seasonal influences from our guide to Fishing in Pittwater.

Key Species for Lure Fishing: Bream, Flathead, Tailor, Mulloway, Squid, Kingfish, Bonito


Sydney Deep Sea: Offshore Fishing at Its Best

Sydney offshore and deep sea fishing spots

For those keen to head out in search of gamefish, Sydney’s offshore waters are unmatched. Sydney is a popular step off point for those searching for marlin and tuna, but there’s no shortage of options for those who like to drop jigs on demersal species and pelagics, either. Obviously, this is a sport for those with a fairly decent sized boat, though there are plenty of charter options available for those who don’t own a suitable vessel.

Optimal Fishing Times: Target marlin and tuna in the summer; snapper during autumn and spring.

Key Species for Lure Fishing: Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, snapper, kingfish.


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Coastal and Rock Fishing: For the Thrill-Seekers

Best Sydney Rock Fishing Spots


The central coast’s rugged coastline is the best fishing spot in Sydney for those who crave the adrenaline rush of rock and coastal fishing. Amazing sandstone ledges and platforms allow land-based anglers to cast into deep water right along the Sydney coastline, putting them in touch with kingfish, bonito, snapper, tailor and a slew of other desirable species. Boating anglers can take advantage of the opportunity to fish the coastline and inshore reefs and bommies for the same species, with the odd tuna thrown in for good measure.

Best Times to Fish: Look for tailor and salmon in winter, with kingfish and bonito peaking in summer.

Key Species for Lure Fishing: Kingfish, Bonito, Tailor.