Burdekin River Sooty Grunter

by Andy Thomsen | Australian Lure Fishing

Burdekin River

Andy Thomsen

Andy Thomsen

Youtube Adventure Fishing Personality

Andy is an Australian Youtube sensation, publishing weekly videos of his fishing adventures around Australia. His videos feature overnight excursions where Andy demonstrates how to catch a range of species and cook them from makeshift campsites on the river bank.

Andy’s Tips For Burdekin River Sooty Grunter

  • Do some research before you leave home. Spend some time on Google Earth looking for areas with a few decent holes and be prepared to walk in to some inaccessible spots for the best fishing opportunities. Rockbars and places where the river changes direction are also hotspots.
  • It’s amazing where sooty grunter will take up residence. Often fish are in shallow, crystal clear water but you won’t see them until they charge out to take a lure. Sooty grunter love structure, especially timber, so always cast to any piece of structure you see.
  • Sooty grunter will often shelter in shady areas such as undercuts or under tree canopies during the heat of the day. Big holes are often good spots, but structure in fast flowing water can bring spectacular fishing results.

Andy’s Tackle For Sooty Grunter

  • A 1000 spin or small baitcast combo with 5-6kg line is a good option as it gives a fighting chance when you encounter freshwater barramundi or mangrove jacks.
  • Andy likes a good quality telescopic rod like Daiwa’s Triple B for easy of packing while he’s bashing through the bush.
  • Light leaders work best on sooties and help ensure the small lures used for grunter will work properly.

Andy’s Top Lures For Burdekin Sooty Grunter

  • Early morning and late afternoon a Lively Lures “Ziggy” stickbait fished “walk the dog” style works well. Colour is not important.
  • Lively Lures Micro Mullet. Colour seems to be important, sometimes natural colours work, other times bright colours are best.
  • Sumaki Spider Prawn Boombait rigged weedless on a worm hook is great in heavy cover

Conditions And Time Of Year For Sootie Fishing

  • Early to mid wet season is a good time to fish for sooty grunter, after there has been a little bit of rainfall and the insects are hatching.

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