Arnhemland Barramundi

by Alex Julius | Australian Lure Fishing


Alex Julius

Alex Julius

Fishing Journalist, Publisher and Guide

Alex is one of the Top End’s best known and most respected anglers, having been pivotal in the development and protection of recreational fisheries in the Northern Territory. Editor of one of Australia’s oldest and most respected fishing journals, NAFA, he’s a prolific blogger, writer and publisher. Alex was a fishing reporter on the ABC for two decades and National Fishing Reporter For Channel Nine Wide World of Sports for many years. His television show “Fishing North Australia” ran for 4 seasons and aired not only in Australia, but internationally. Alex founded one of Australia’s top fishing destinations, the Arnhemland Barra Lodge and has won both the NT Barra Classic and the Barra Nationals.

Alex’s Top Tips For Arnhemland Runoff Barramundi Fishing

  • Big barramundi are a serious test of your tackle. Upgrade hooks and rings as most lures don’t come with hooks of sufficient strength straight from the packet. Make sure your reels are well maintained with silky smooth drags. Make sure knots are good and be sure to change leaders that show any signs of abrasion.
  • Take advantage of fishing with a professional guide or a fishing lodge – it can be difficult to fish the top end without experience. Access is limited
  • Find the bait and you’ll find the barramundi. Using electronics such as side scanning fish finders makes it much easier to find both bait and fish. The Arnhemland Barramundi Lodge uses Lowrance HDS12 fish finders on their boats and some guides don’t let clients have a cast until they find the fish first.
  • Feeder creeks are the prime location for runoff barramundi fishing, especially where there are colour changes with clear water meeting dirty water.

Alex’s Barramundi Tackle Selection

  • Alex likes baitcast gear for barramundi fishing. He’s fallen in love with Shimano TranX 200 reels and the 150 Curado DC (Digital Control) baitcast reel.
  • In terms of rods, the 3pc Barra Raider travel rods are his preference, as well as the T-Curve travel series.
  • 15kg Fins Original or Power Pro braid and about two metres of 25-30 kg leader complete the outfit. 37kg leader can be used if the fishing location contains lots of structure.

Alex’s Top 3 (+1) Lures For Arnhemland Barramundi Fishing

  • A medium to deep diving hard body such as the Classic 120 in 10ft plus is perfect when the fish are down deeper.
  • Bomber 15A is a shallow running hard body that’s hard to beat when fish are in shallower water.
  • Weedless soft plastics rigged with Mustad worm hooks or TT weedless rigs are essential equipment. The Zman Swimmerz soft plastic tails are perfect in 75-100mm sizes.
  • A vibe (lipless crankbait) is best for bumping over rock bars and ledges when the water is deeper. The Jackall Transam is a good choice for Arnhemland waters.

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