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Mulgrave River Jungle Perch And Sooty Grunter Experience

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Overview Of The Experience

The Mulgrave River is located around 50km south of Cairns, in Far North Queensland and is a spectacular and scenic system that starts in the mountains near Babinda and discharges to the coral sea some 70km to the east.

This area is one of the wettest parts of Australia, which results in trmendously lush tropical vegetation and clear, cool water that supports an amazing array of fish species. Jungle perch and sooty grunter are the two main species of interest in this system, but barramundi, mangrove jack, tarpon and archerfish are also common captures. Head down to the more saline estuary waters and you can add trevally, queenfish and barred javelin to the list.

Imagine pushing far upstream into the headwaters in a specially fitted out boat to where few anglers can access, then drift fishing back on the currents making casts at the pockets, holes, overhangs and other structures in the clear waters. Suck in the clean, fresh tropical air and be ready to see crocodiles and an amazing range of birdlife along the way. Hooking a fish is almost a distraction...... almost.

This is essentially a catch and release fishing experience, although guests are welcome to take a mangrove jack or barramundi (in season) home with them.

What's Included

You can bring your own gear if you wish, but all tackle and lures can be provided by your guide (on a "replace if broken" basis), along with a light lunch, snacks and some refreshments. Transfers to and from your accommodation in Cairns can also be arranged.

Personal effects such as a hat, camera, sunscreen and polarised sun glasses are the only requirements....... along with some insect repellant and a spray jacket. It is the wet tropics, after all!

Your Guide

Brett Parks has been guiding fly and lure fishers on the rivers of Far North Queensland for many years and is intimately familiar not only with the fish but the multitude of wildlife that can be observed along the way.

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